• “You are to be commended for helping to create a diverse and unified environment in which our children are shown how to succeed.” Mayor A C Wharton – Shelby County Government 


  • “…we are impressed by your professional approach in all areas and the accomplishments that you have made through this show. Congratulations on a job well done.” Barry Adelman, Dick Clark Productions, Inc. – Burbank, CA 

  • “This show provides a diverse forum in which children can emulate and promote healthy and constructive concepts.” Sgt. Len Edwards, Commission on Missing & Exploited Children – Memphis, TN  

  • “…an informative and innovative show that gives young voters a chance to express their views and learn that they can make a difference.” Sharon Priest, Secretary of State – State of Arkansas  

  • “what a pleasure it was for Gaylord Entertainment to be involved with We Are Tomorrow… R-U?.” Dana Kauffman, Gaylord Entertainment – Nashville, TN

  • “In this present generation, it is great to have a television series dealing with young adults engaging in activities good to the communities and developing their self-esteem.” Estela I. Dorn, Mobile International Festival – Mobile, AL 

  •  “The program is well produced and very informative. The program will be a welcome addition to our program lineup.” Otha Brandon, Time Warner Communications

  • “…Memphis College of Art is proud to be associated with the quality programming that you, your staff, and Memphis TV ED Foundation is known for.” Anita Whatley-Khalphani, Memphis College of Art   

  • “As the Mayor of Mobile, AL I would like to commend you for bringing the production and broadcast of R-U? to our community.” Mayor Michael C. Dow, City of Mobile

  • “The Mobile Police Department is extremely pleased to have worked with your television series, R-U? The energy and commitment by your staff is commendable. Chief Samuel M. Cochran, Mobile Police Department 

  •   “…thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in We Are Tomorrow… R-U?.” John Rehrauer, Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office – Little Rock, AR  

  • “This program is vital to the development of youth in our community.”  Sheriff A.C. Gilless, Shelby County Sheriff’s Office – Memphis, TN  

  • “I was impressed with the professionalism displayed by the students as well as the quality of the end product.”   Cordell Christian, FEDEX 

  • “It is exciting to know R-U? is coming to Central Arkansas.”  Chuck Spohn, Clear Channel Television – Little Rock, AR   

  • “Through your broadcast you helped bridge the gap of communication between the Latino community and other segments in Memphis.”  Miguel Calvo, Latino-Memphis Conexion 

  • “…your efforts contribute a great deal to the health and welfare of our community, and urge those able to assist to support R-U?” Jack A. Belz, Belz Enterprises  

  • “Those who participate in the show make good friends with teens from other states and learned a lot about producing television programs.”  Rani Lanewala, R-U? Teen Host – Mobile, AL  

  •  “…this Court was able to further expand our efforts to reach teens and their parents to explain the laws that effect them.” Judge Kenneth A. Turner, Juvenile Court of Memphis & Shelby County, TN